The CX space is evolving quickly, and what was once a nice-to-have is now table-stakes.  In almost all industries, customers are becoming less patient and more demanding.  What one company offers in terms of experience, quickly becomes the standard.

Gone are the days of slow and steady wins the race. According to KPMG-Nunwood, organizations that are outperforming their peers are doing so because they are excelling in the CX space. They are making a series of smaller, quick-win type changes, all while shifting to an adaptive, performing CX culture.  Don't get left behind.

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minimum 3 months

The goal of this program is to prove that CX can make a meaningful difference to your business.  We start with a design thinking session to prioritize the top 3 quick-win projects.


Ide al projects for this phase will be high impact, low investment and < 3 months for implementation.

What's included:

  • Design and lead the 1-day design thinking session

  • Provide project oversight for the implementation of the 3 prioritized projects

  • Bi-weekly updates to Executive Sponsor

  • Guidance and support to overcome blockers

  • CX guidance and oversight, best practices for targeted projects, measures 

Your role:

  • Identify and support participation from key stakeholders

  • Provide an Executive Sponsor(s) with compelling reason to oversee projects

  • Project manager, resources and budget for each of the prioritized projects

  • Remove blockers



4 - 6 weeks

A Customer Experience Design Guide is the beacon that provides your organization with the direction on what type of experience they are supposed to be delivering, and how.

Without it, you and your team will be fumbling around delivering inconsistent experiences that do not align with your brand promise.  

This process requires cross-functional participation, as each and every function in your company has an impact on the customer experience. Don't believe us, check out this post.

What's included:

  • Inventory of corporate collateral such as vision, mission, brand promise, customer experience touchpoints

  • Design thinking session with leadership team to design your target customer experience

  • Validation sessions

  • Implementation plan, both from a internal and external perspective, with key milestones

  • CEO briefing session

  • Optional on-going oversight and Executive briefings

This offering is well-complemented by the Audit as well as Journey Mapping offerings.

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suggested 3 month minimum

Whether your a CX champion or just getting started in this wildly important field, you may be finding that you need a bit of extra support and guidance to help you and your organization achieve their goals. That's where we come in:

Option 1: Guided Coaching

This option will be ideal for someone just starting to get their feet wet.  We will cover topics like Customer Experience Design, Voice of the Customer, Experience Audits, Success Measures, Educating Colleagues and Leadership Teams

Option 2: Self-Directed & Collaborative Coaching

This option is for those who know what they need help with, or who want to decide what topics we cover.  We get it, sometimes you just need some guidance, exposure to different perspectives or experience

Option 3: Best of Both Worlds

You can pick and choose from the pre-determined educational topics and the more practical, day-to-day challenges of amplifying customer experience within your organization.

Either way, we're here to help with bi-weekly coaching calls, and unlimited laser-focused 1 topic questions by email, phone or text.

CX Meeting.jpg


2 - 4 weeks

Journey mapping is the process of documenting each touch point you have with your customers.  


We take it 1 step further and assess both the quality of the interaction, as well as importance.  This is used to help prioritize areas of focus, either from an improvement perspective or from a must-deliver perspective. It also helps us understand where those high-impact interactions are, where the biggest opportunities for wow-moments exist, and where the cost of missed delivery is highest.

Depending on the number of services / products, complexity of business, maturity level, we will develop the process together.  We will consider whether or not this a good opportunity to engage the entire leadership team to increase CX alignment, or whether it would be better to proceed with a smaller team.

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1 - 3 months

Are you confident that you really know the customer experience you are providing? Do you understand the impact of that experience on your business?  Do you know where your priority areas are, based on the experience of your customers, not on your own corporate priorities?

Together we will work to develop your customer experience audit program, and complete its first audit.

We will observe the customer behaviour by experiencing your offering the way your customer does.

We often hear the following: "of course we know our customer, we've got the survey results to prove it".

Find out why we think that surveys are inherently flawed and do not provide a comprehensive view of your customers' experience.



3 weeks

We get it, being in business for yourself can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just need a little support to help you get over that hump.  

We can help you define your personal brand, and the experience you are planning to deliver.  Let's face it, you are your business so it's important to understand what your brand is communicating, and what type of experience your actions are providing.

Together, over a series of 3 sessions, we will define and document your personal /corporate brand, your target customer experience, and your top key actions.


Suggested pricing is our way of making sure you get value from both the financial investment, but also the investment of your time.  Each month when you receive your invoice, you will have the option to adjust the total up or down to better reflect the experience and the value you received.


Have something specific in mind, or you don't know where to start?  Reach out and let's chat.


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