Why customer surveys are inherently flawed

How many requests to complete a quick survey do you receive in a week? This week alone I received 7 different ones, plus a bunch of annoying email and text reminders. Even my dentist has started asking me to rate my visit. It is never ending.

Now, how many of them did I complete? Zero. That's because there was nothing standout to report. How many of us only take the time to provide feedback when we've had either an exceptionally good or exceptionally bad experience? Probably most of us.

Here are the top 7 reasons why customer surveys are flawed:

-Customers are surveyed too much resulting in survey and feedback fatigued

-Customers don't have confidence their feedback will be taken seriously or acted upon

-Customers know that often employees are compensated based on results and will adjust responses accordingly

-Survey questions are often impersonal and poorly designed with arbitrary questions

-Survey questions don't often capture how the customer feels

-Surveys capture a point in time and don't reflect the ongoing experience

-Timing is everything, and surveys don't account for the delay between the experience and the survey result

I'm not saying to completely avoid using surveys altogether. They should be designed with purpose, used infrequently, and include a follow-up to the customer with specifics about actions to be taken.

Additionally, companies should design a multi-strategy approach to observing and measuring customer behavior and sentiment as part of their customer experience program. These strategies should include methodologies for watching the interactions customers have with your employees, your services / products, your website, your chat service, and any other interaction with your brand. These strategies will likely include a combination of technology and human interaction, depending on the maturity, industry and target customer. Remember, what you're selling is an experience, and the measurement of the quality of that experience needs to consider the emotional element.

To find out how to design the right voice of the customer program for your organization, contact us at hello@amplifiedcx.com.

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