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Using "Mural" for remote collaboration

Bringing your meetings, workshops and collaboration sessions to life

As we work through the changes that are resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic we must re-evaluate the tools we use to support remote workers and remote collaboration. is a tool that I've used often to support group work, from meetings to full fledged workshops and interactive training.

If you are a facilitator or leader considering using this tool, I've pulled together a quick overview and tutorial on how to use Mural.

There are many great features in this tool, including the complete replacement of the need for in-person whiteboarding or design thinking sessions. There is an abundance of templates for design thinking, scenario planning, business planning, prioritization, journey mapping, empathy mapping, business modeling, etc.

A few tips and tricks to make the most of the tool, and to encourage strong participation:

-Couple this tool with another tool, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts

-Encourage the use of videoconferencing by all

-Encourage use of a laptop or desktop instead of a mobile device

-Ensure all participants get the opportunity to speak and share their thoughts

-Foster creativity by encouraging use of the drawing tools, and / or images

-Keep meeting duration to 2 hours or less

-Encourage stretch breaks or 30 second dance parties

-Plan your meeting in advance and set up the templates in advance

-Leave the Mural open for continued input following the meeting

-Consider how best to engage your extroverts vs introverts

Have fun with it!

Post a screenshot of you using the tool with your teams. Good luck!

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