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Tips for executing your Customer Experience Strategy

How many of you have ever been part of the development of a strategy, only to have it go nowhere fast, or entirely? I'm sure there's lots of you out there. I know I've certainly had that happen, on more than 1 occasion.

I recently contributed a chapter to the book Customer Experience, a best-selling book on In that chapter I elaborate on these top tips for ensuring strategy execution success:

· Build a stakeholder map - communication with all of your stakeholders, using a channel that connects and engages with them is penultimate in ensuring CX strategy success. To do that, I advocate for the creation of a stakeholder map, which identifies all of your stakeholder groups, the impact, the communication challenge and how best to engage them.

· Take time to consider how to engage employees to help them understand the strategy and how it relates to them - perhaps the biggest hurdle to success is the alignment within the employee population. This group of stakeholders can not be overlooked, and the engagement cannot be anything less than meaningful, comprehensive and creative.

· Meet them half-way by translating the strategy into actionable elements; don’t expect them to figure it out by themselves - Do your jobs as leaders, so your employees can do theirs. Which mean, you need to translate the strategy into bite sized pieces that are tailored their needs - and by their needs I mean at group by group / function by function level. A one-size fits all approach does not work well or lend itself to an effective employee experience.

· Be creative with your approach; the good ‘ole communication channels of the past are not as impactful as you might hope; try something new and engaging - Have some fun with this one. Your employees will respond best to non-traditional and immersive approaches. Make it resonate with them. Make it easy for them to see themselves in the strategy. Make it easy for them to understand what you need them to. And, make it fun.

To learn more, or to hear what others are doing in this space, buy the book at:

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Who is Janelle Mansfield of Amplified Customer Experience:

Janelle Mansfield is a Customer Experience Consultant and she loves helping other CX professionals be successful and achieve their professional goals. She likes to help by allowing her clients to hone their skills through consultative coaching and deliverable review.

To find out more: or

She offers customizable consulting services that are tailored to your level of Customer Experience maturity, including consulting, journey mapping, experience design, customer service audits, coaching and deliverable review.

Take the complimentary Maturity Assessment at:

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