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How emotionally intelligent are your customer-related processes ?

Perhaps one of the most important elements of providing a positive, memorable customer experience is interacting with your customers in a way that matches what they are feeling.

I'm sure you can all relate to this less-than positive experience:

Me - uses the online chat function to make a minor change to my telephone account

Chat line (let's call them Bob) - starts the chat by asking me to provide my contact info, and account information

Me - thinks this is a good start, if they are asking for my contact info, so I provide it

Bob - says "Thank you! Let me bring up your account"

Me - explains the change I would like to make (ie. my address)

Bob - says "I'm sorry I can't make that change here, you will have to call our contact center"

Me - "If you can't make that kind of change, then why did you start by asking for my information?"

Bob - "We like to track which customers are contacting us"

Me - "That was not a good use of my time"

Me - "Can you please provide me the contact center number"

Bob - "Sure, give me a minute to look it up"

Me - thinking is really annoying

You get the picture... the processes 1.) didn't anticipate the customer journey, 2.) the agent had no ability to adapt their processes as a result of my feelings.

It is pretty obvious, at least to me, that by the chat text, the customer is not happy.

What I'm curious about, is how many of you have trained your team members to identify negative emotions in their customers? Moreover, how many have trained and empowered them to adapt accordingly?

All if takes is ONE lousy experience for you to get a bad review, a low customer sat score, or worse, lose a customer all-together.

In the above example there are many ways this interaction could have been simplified, and better anticipated the needs of the customer.

Next steps: contact me for a 20 minute call to help you identify where to start, how to develop this core competency and get your leadership team onboard.

Contact me at:

Subject line: Let's start the conversation!

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