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Get comfortable, we're going to be here a while

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Working remotely is a new challenge for many of us. While, for others, it’s much more of the same. A few of us who have been working remotely for years have to come together to share our unique thoughts and perspectives in the newly released Amazon Bestseller #Remote Working!, published by Writing Matters’s Andrew Priestley.

To give you a quick hint at some of the tips you might find in that book, we’ve pulled out a few quick and actionable tips:

Recommendations from Kim-Adele Platts:

The Virtual Watercooler

Ensure your team stays connected not just about the work things but also about life in general. One of the most significant barriers to remote working is the sense of isolation, particularly for all your extroverted team members. We can quickly forget to engage on a personal level, and all communication becomes task focussed. To prevent your teams from becoming disengaged, ensure you create a space for people to chat.

I recommend that you treat it like a virtual pub/coffee shop in that at the point you join in the conversation is just like when you meet friends, and they don’t recap the chat you missed. Doing this allows you not to feel overwhelmed at requiring folks to join in all at the same time, and for it to feel more like a real-life group social gathering.

Leverage Technology

With the advances in technology, there are now even more ways to get creative with your team. You can use applications such as Google Doc’s or Trello to manage projects and collaborate on Documents. Video calls enable you to stay connected, and applications such as Zoom have break out rooms which allow you to work as a whole team and break into sub-teams.

Recommendations from Janelle Mansfield:

Get even more collaborative

Go beyond the standard technology options and add in a collaborative technology that replaces in-person collaboration like whiteboard or workshops. Six to consider include:

  • Deskle

  • Invision

  • Miro

  • Mural

  • Stormboard

  • Whimsical

Share your skills

Remote learning is a fast developing area with individuals and teams making the most of their personal development utilising new technology to access, knowledge, training or coaching services, to enable them to upskill and equipped for the future of working. More than that, many people are using this as an opportunity to share their skills for good - if you’ve mastered something, share it for free within your networks by offering 1:1s, YouTube tutorials or social media posts.

Recommendations from Jo Baldwin-Trott:

Create your boundaries and stick to them

Valuing your time, your health and your family requires focus. It is too easy when you work from home to forget the necessity for boundaries. It is too easy to always do just one last thing before switching off. Or, say ‘Yes’ to the 7 a.m call that you wouldn’t normally take as you can do it in your pyjamas!

Create a structure to your day and promise yourself that you are sticking to it. For sure, you need to be flexible as things will come up, but remember that most things CAN wait until tomorrow.

Make it a point to identify your boundaries, communicate them with your family and colleagues, and stick to them!

Maintaining your Professional / Corporate Brand

Consistency matters now more than ever. Consistency will assure your clients and customers that it is business as usual and with so much uncertainty on a global scale, the certainty of your brand will pay you dividends in these times.

The brands that raise their game, communicate with integrity and respect will shine.

Maintaining (or elevating) you Personal Brand, Professionally

Consider the impact of your brand while increasing your use of video. As much of our communication will become increasingly delivered using video, give some thought to how you present yourselves. Consider what signals your sending with all aspects of the visual, from background, to physical appearance, to facial expressions. Consider the lighting and other potential distractions.

We could be here a while so get comfortable.

Authors of this blog post are:

Kim-Adele Platts is an Interim CEO, entrepreneur and board-level coach who specialises in helping executives lead with impact and humanity. Her journey has taken her from an NVQ in hairdressing to the boardrooms of the FTSE 250.

With over 25 years of experience, Kim has established a reputation as a transformational leader. She consistently generates new business and has turned underperforming companies into market leaders despite challenging environments.

She speaks internationally on business and is a Non-Exec Director with the IoD, Academy Trust and Mary’s Meals.

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Janelle Mansfield is an experienced executive and management consultant in the disciplines of customer experience, marketing, communications, change management and strategy. She is an early-adopter of technologies that foster better collaboration and engagement with customers, employees and stakeholders. Currently, Janelle lives her purpose and passion by helping leaders amplify their customer experiences for better business results through her consultancy, Amplified Customer Experience (

To find out how to best leverage immersive and collaborative technologies in your organization, contact Janelle at

She also has video tutorials available on her YouTube channel:

Or, connect with her on LinkedIn (include the note: “Getting Immersive” in your connection request):

Jo Baldwin Trott works with established, highly visible leaders who are ready to leverage their influence; to show up and make a difference. The focus of her mentoring is energy.

Jo is a lecturer in entrepreneurship and personal brand. She is a director for 5050Parliament, a UK based gender equality group and is the host of The Amijo Show, a chat show to inspire emotional and professional success.

Jo writes songs and spends as much time in California as possible.

She is based in London with her twin girls, dog and large cat.

You can pre-order Jo’s book ‘The Energy of Showing Up’ -

For her best tips for showing up on video -

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