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Anticipating problems should be part of your CX strategy

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

A quick dive into Customer Experience Recovery

In July 2020, I had the privilege of speaking with Katie Stable of Cultivate Customer Experience. We talked about all things Customer Experience Recovery:

Janelle: What is Customer Experience Recovery?

Katie: Have you ever experienced a truly terrible customer experience and felt like the organisation simply didn’t care? If your answer is yes, the likelihood is that you didn’t remain their customer for long!

But what if they could have turned it around? What if they could have changed your rubbish experience into an EPIC experience?

You would probably give them a second chance, right? Despite the initial rubbish experience, their care and ability to recover the experience would likely make you stick around.

And that is exactly what customer experience recovery is. It’s the ability to proactively remedy the situation, turning bad customer experience into GREAT customer experience and making sure your customer swiftly moves from feeling dissatisfied to feeling that you have surpassed their expectations! 

For the full interview, watch this short video:

Who is Katie Stabler:

  • Katie Stabler: Katie is a customer experience specialist, dedicated to cultivating high-value customer experience through data, design and culture. Her work is driven by the principle “Make your bed, and then make their day!”, meaning get the basics right and then create those ‘wow’ moments! She has spent over a decade in experience design for the most financially vulnerable customers working within the finance industry for both the not for profit and commercial sector. Katie is now the managing director of CULTIVATE Customer Experience by Design, a customer experience consultancy supporting organisations to increase efficiencies and optimise profits with CX initiatives.




Katie and Janelle are 2 of the collaborators on the recently released 2nd instalment of the best-selling series "Customer Experience", available now on Amazon:



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