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Building your network and (CX) community

As a solo-preneure I can't stress enough the importance of having a community. When you're working alone, day after day, it can become lonely and stagnant. Sure, we've got our clients. But, in reality we are there to serve our clients, not use them to bounce our business ideas off of, or have random water-cooler chats, or just break the monotony of working alone.

Since going out on my own more than 18 months ago, I can honestly say that one of the best things I've done is invest in building relationships with others in my field. And by field I mean any area of interest. For me it's CX, and women leadership, and business, and so on.

Women Leaders
Women in Business Supporting Each Other

Recently, my CX-sister Hannah Foley of Yak CX and I published a short article in Customer Experience Magazine on the story of how finding each other, and our CX community helped us blossom and grow as business owners, and CX leaders. We connected while working on a book project called Customer Experience and have been laughing together ever since.

I've also deeply enjoyed the relationship I've developed with Kim-Adele Platts, a strong woman leader with an incredible story of navigating the world of corporate leadership that I connect with immensely. We met while working on two books together, Remote Working and Women Leading. We had an instant connection and send each the loveliest messages on WhatsApp to brighten our days, and we also get down to business by talking strategy and leadership.

And then there's the formidable Clare Muscutt. She's tearing down boundaries and building up women (in CX) all over the world, quite literally! The Women in CX community that's she founded, and supporting podcast are bringing us together to have those taboo conversations about babies, love, and single-dom AND the connection to the business world.

Clare and her guests discuss questions like: Why is it women are asked uber personal questions like plans for families or marriage in the workplace. Whether or not we're single, have kids or a love interest doesn't impact our ability to do our jobs, why does it impact our career progression?

One of the most-impactful aspects of building my community is realizing that more and more of us are the same mission, and that's to help others. It's a core value of mine, and so too of these powerful, yet generous women I have the privilege of calling colleagues, mentors, collaborators and friends.

Even if you're not a solo-preneure there's real benefit to nurturing relationships outside of your corporate life. Exposure to new ideas, fresh perspectives and the general lack of political influence can keep you energized and focused on what's really important.

Get out there, make some new connections AND leverage those relationships for personal fulfilment (not selling!).


Who is Janelle Mansfield of Amplified Customer Experience:

Janelle Mansfield is a Customer Experience Consultant and she loves helping other CX professionals be successful and achieve their professional goals. She likes to help by allowing her clients to hone their skills through consultative coaching and deliverable review. She also acts as a fractional Chief Customer Officer for businesses who aren’t yet able to invest in a full-time CXO.

To find out more: or

She offers customizable consulting services that are tailored to your level of Customer Experience maturity, including consulting, journey mapping, experience design, customer service audits, coaching and deliverable review.

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