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Building a better business case

As CXers we aren't always well versed in all things business. We've often come to the discipline of Customer Experience through liberal arts degrees or paths other than business administration.

If that's the case for you, you may not have been taught how to document a business case as part of your request for investment in a CX project or initiative.

Many business case templates are overly complicated or ask irrelevant questions. That's why I've created this 4 question business case that's based on similar recommendations from thought leaders including Forrester's Harley Manning.

It's a streamlined version of a business case that focuses on the four most important questions that a leader will ask about your request:

  1. What do you plan to do? - keep this high level, don’t go into the ‘how’, rather talk about the outcome you intend to achieve.

  2. Why are you recommending that approach? - this is a great place to site any customer feedback (quantitative and qualitative), include numerical based results, reference any relevant competitive intelligence, make a connection to the stakeholders around the table (ie. will drive a higher NPS which you know results in them receiving their bonus)

  3. What is the cost? - document what the costs of this initiative are.

  4. What is the financial benefit? - summarize the bottom line, will this result in either top line growth or a better bottom line. Executives are concerned with more revenue, reduction in costs or increased profitability.

Once you've completed the template talk it through with a few influencers within your organization to gain alignment in advance of presenting it. Making sure there's others in the room alongside who will put the reputation on the line to support your initiative can make all of the difference when making a pitch for investment.

Here's the link to the download of the template, feel free to modify and make it yours.

If you need help making it compelling, feel free to reach out for a quick 1-on-1 coaching session.


Do you want to learn more about how to create a compelling, results-based customer experience strategy? Contact Janelle, Customer Experience Consultant @ She can help you design your target customer experience, your experience standards and customer experience outcomes.

Who is Janelle Mansfield of Amplified Customer Experience:

Janelle Mansfield is a Customer Experience Consultant and she loves helping other CX professionals be successful and achieve their professional goals. She likes to help by allowing her clients to hone their skills through consultative coaching and deliverable review. She also acts as a fractional Chief Customer Officer for businesses who aren’t yet able to invest in a full-time CXO.

To find out more: or

She offers customizable consulting services that are tailored to your level of Customer Experience maturity, including consulting, journey mapping, experience design, customer service audits, coaching and deliverable review.

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