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A look at Indigo's approach to CX

A couple of weeks I was having a lovely lunch chat about Customer Experience and the Retail sector with some friends in Saskatoon. The ladies I was chatting with asked who I thought, in Canadian Retail, was doing interesting things from a CX perspective. At first, I was stumped. And, maybe that's because I haven't seen anyone who is being particularly creative with their CX innovation. After some thought, I did recall that Indigo (a Canadian book and gift retailer) had been making some interesting changes over the last year or so.

Changes I've noticed in 2019 at Indigo:

1.  In-store experience:  Beyond having their associates actively seek out customers and check-in with them, they have recently started offering check-out services throughout the store with any associate. You can pay for your purchases by finding any associate, and using a credit card.  While I found the implementation and communication of this offering lacking, it is still interesting from an experience perspective.  Costco has done something similar, although different.  I'd be curious to hear from Indigo about how well it is working for them as I've rarely seen it in action.

2.  2-tier loyalty program:  In 2019 they implemented a tiered loyalty program - the kept the free plum rewards program, but creating a plum plus program for those avid shoppers to drive more loyalty and better retention (and likely higher spend).

3.  A companion site:  This is the change that I'm most interested in, as it's a site that helps customers purchase gifts in a more curated, experience based way.  It's new and there's room for improvement.  It hasn't been well communicated either.  But, it does take content marketing and combine with customer experience.  Likely lots of room for improvement and growth with this. I also like the engagement it creates with the questionnaire to assess the curated list of gift ideas.


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